When leaving the spray nozzle and passing through the induction ring each drop of the spray (syrup) acquires an electric charge. This charge is small, but produces an incredible force of attraction between the drop and any surface. This force is so great that the drop even reverses its fall and rises against gravity when it passes close to an object. In practice, a particle that is passing through the plant can change its trajectory by adhering to a covert and non-apparent surface, such as the lower or back part of a leaf. In this way we can observe an incredible phenomenon: when spraying a target from the front, the spray can wrap around the object, including its back, which would simply be impossible in a conventional spray.

In addition to this striking effect, known as electrostatic wrapping, TSB Jet spraying provides the use of very fine droplets, which cover a much larger area with a more uniform distribution throughout the plant.

Electrostatic Spraying (front and back) performed with the use of several dyes proves the greater efficiency of the TSB Jet compared to the conventional system without electrostatics.







  • Reduction of syrup volume

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Reduction of replenishment time and preparation of the mixture

  • Water economy

  • Lower risk of contamination of nearby crops

  • Reduced groundwater contamination

  • Higher yield of agricultural pesticides

  • Lower evaporation loss

  • Less loss to the floor

  • Lower drift loss

  • Better absorption of the pesticides

  • Better coverage (even under the leaves)

Benefícios e Vantagen da Pulverização Eletrstática TSB Jet
Efficiency in Application   
  Defensive Economics    
       Economy of Fuel        
         Time saving        
Reduction of Operating                      Costs                  
Greater Efficacy in Disease 
          and Pest Control       
Reducing Environmental


TSB Jet is a system developed from the farmers' need for reliable, efficient and fail-safe equipment.

It has a unique technology that guarantees the perfect functioning of the ionizer during all phases of operation, under any condition of humidity, even under rain and with accumulation of product.

The equipment is supplied for easy installation and ensures perfect operation both in horizontal trawl, coupled or self-propelled sprayers as well as air assisted sprayers in their various variants.

In addition to allowing the use of commercial spray nozzles (no special nozzle required), which facilitates the purchase of spare parts, TSB Jet is the only equipment that operates under extreme operating conditions, not collapsing when exposed to water and deposited different from the competition.



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Tecnologia Sul Brasileira - TSB was founded in 2009 with the objective of developing solutions for the metalworking and agribusiness industry..


After supplying equipment and devices to the industry for some years, it specialized in the creation of control panels, circuit boards and sensors for the most diverse segments.


Utilizing years of experience in the development of high-tech equipment, its team of engineers and agronomists, motivated by the market's needs, developed the most efficient and reliable Brazilian electrostatic spraying equipment, TSB Jet.


Currently the company is installed in the modern Santa Maria Technology Park, with its support structure and laboratories as well as the synergy between the technology-based companies and the Universities: UFSM, UNIFRA and ULBRA.

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